H Olivia Photography

H Olivia Photography

Prince Edward Island is a breathtaking destination for a wedding. If you’re planning your special day on our island and are interested in Village Pottery as a registry, we offer special packages for couples from May to October.

How does it work?

After arranging a date with our registry specialist through our contact form, couples come into our shop and pick out which glazes and products they like. We keep track of the rest. We offer a wide selection of colours, styles and products. Visit our gallery for photos and descriptions of our pottery or "like" us on Facebook to see the latest pots!

Why choose Village Pottery for a registry?

We offer couples the option to have all handmade, quality pottery. Our wide selection of colours and products suit every taste. Our friendly staff will be pleased to help you plan out your special day. All of our pottery is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe and best of all, 100% unique!

For gift registry inquiries please send us an email, specifying the date of your wedding:

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