All her life, Margaret England has been intrigued by paint, threads, countryside and history. She grew up in rural Nottinghamshire in wartime Britain, but it was many years before she was able to create her own special blend of stitchery and paint to make her fabric art.

After high school in London, she followed an academic career and took an honours degree in medieval history. There followed years of teaching and child-rearing, during which the artist remained dormant. Moving to P.E.I in 1975 was a turning point. Experimentation in paint and stitchery became a driving force, and she began to show her work in various island exhibitions.

England works with thread and fabric to create paintings without paint or brush. The artwork comes from a love of the natural world and the world of the imagination. Some landscapes are realistic, others have a dreamlike quality. Some pieces are whimsical, and others serious.

As time passes, often the same themes return, offering themselves for new approaches and ways of expression. The intrigue continues.